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Villa Ricci Montepulciano - Historical House

The villa
In the 17 century Villa Ricci was the summer house of Cardinal Ricci.
It was restored in the early nineteenth century and became part of Italy’s National Cultural Heritage in the care of the ‘Belle Arti’.
On the left of the main building there is a small chapel specially added for Cardinal Ricci, and a stone table and benches, which still exist today, were made for the park.

This fascinating historic residence, entirely surrounded by 9,000 square metres of parkland containing centuries old trees and providing a place of perfect tranquillity, offers 5 separate appartments, from 2 to 10 person, each complete of cooking facilities. An ideal place for families or groups.
Villa Ricci di Solini Mirko | Via del Buonviaggio,29 - 53045 - Montepulciano (SI)
Phone +39 0574 680806 | Mobile +39 329 6381069 / 328 2920108 (for english) | E.mail: